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Issue #1: Hol(e)y

Religion and food have always been intertwined and far beyond keeping kosher or eating halal, modern society ritualises food and gives it meaning. We follow different sects religiously and testify for our beliefs in veganism or nose-to-tail.

If we’re back on the carbs, we gather to break bread. From patron saints to covert bacon to a convert’s first Ramadan; from neighbouring Bo-Kaap to temples in Bangkok, we’re excited to present our first issue: Hol(e)y.

Centerline decoration
The Duchess x Chips
5 Ways To Drink The Duchess
Holy Soup Image - Lady Skollie
Abdul-Malik Sibabalwe Oscar Masinyana
Holy Soup
Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony Video for Chips Magazine
Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony
Shrine Food in Bangkok by F Sections for Chips! magazine
F Sections
Lucky Food, Bangkok
Sam Woulidge Sacrificial Meat
Sam Woulidge
Sacrificial Meat
Chips! Holey Fish
Oh God’s Gifts
Growing up at Goldies by Laura Wener
Laura Wener
Growing Up At Goldies
Buhlebezwe Siwani
Buhlebezwe Siwani
The Chicken
Salokya Nag Holy Cow for Chips Food Magazine
Salokya Nag
Holy Cow!
The Dude's White Russian Chips Magazine
Matthew Visser
The Dude’s White Russian
Hotel Bacon
Paige Nick
Hotel Bacon
Hol(e)y Bagel by Matthew Freemantle
Matthew Freemantle
Hol(e)y Bagel
Hare Krishna recipe for Chips magazine
A Hare Krishna Favourite
Sylvia McKeown
Hole-in-the-wall, Joburg
Boeka Treats
Boeka Treats | Bo-Kaap’s Favourite Recipe Book
Saint Agatha's Breasts
Saint Agatha’s Breasts
Andile Mbete
A Playlist To Cook To: Hol(e)y
Dinner Reincarnate
Lee-Ann Orton
Dinner Reincarnate
Holey food
Holey Foods