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Issue #2: Dough

There’s no such thing as a free lunch, but there is an artfully traded one. There are cheap eats to be found and nature’s gifts to be foraged. This issue is about money. Dough.

We explore the multifarious food culture in Johannesburg, the city of gold – and migrant workers; how global politics influences the seasoning in Havana; and (visually) the great common denominator between the rich and poor in Hong Kong: street food. Also in this issue, a young writer hosts her first stokvel and finds value far beyond the monetary, and we celebrate the humble bread basket for the (complimentary) hero it is.

We stopped at discussing the price of bread, but we do lament the price of beer. Finally, we pay tribute to the groceries selected but then left behind in the aisles after a mental calculation in the queue at the checkout counter.

Centerline decoration
The Left Behinds by Alix-Rose Cowie
The Left Behinds
Lunch by Lyle Lackay
Lyle Lackay
The Art Of Trading Lunches
Amber Rose Cowie
Lucky Dumplings
Eritrean Restaurant, Mayfair by Mark Lewis
Fumbatha May
The Food We Bring
Bread Baskets by Hendrik Coetzee and Marloes Haarmans
Bread Baskets
Minimal Risk Stocks by Lee-Ann Orton and Karin Botta
Lee-Ann Orton
Minimal Risk Stocks
Gideon De Kock
Gideon De Kock
Street Food Rich
Hannerie Visser
The price of beer by Nick Mulgrew
Nick Mulgrew
The Gentrification of Beer
Yang Zhao Chilli Beef Wontons
Yang Zhao
Photography by Tila Nomvula Mathizerd
Mosa Mahlaba
My First Stokvel
Duiker Pie Joshua De Kock
Joshua De Kock
Sylvia MvKeown Cuba
Sylvia McKeown
Let Them Eat Ice Cream
Toasted Cheese Sandwich
Dave Mann
The Toasted Cheese and Black Coffee | An Ode
Rags To Riches – A Jelly Story
Illustration by Kinsmen
Karin Panaino Petersen
Eating My Words
Instock Netherlands
To The Food Rescue
Playlist by Zodwa Kumalo
Zodwa Kumalo
A Playlist To Cook To: Dough
Mariam's Kitchen
Mariam’s Kitchen | From Humble Beginnings
Pancakes from Spar
Stephani Muller
A Carb Coma Guide To Cape Town
Investment Cooking
Investment Cooking