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Issue #5: Ugly

Brown food, home-cooking, and “it’’ll still taste good” attempts; in this issue we are not instagramming our dinner or #eatingtherainbow. Instead we celebrate questionable crockery and mom’s tuna mousse; we endorse a comeback for the garnish; and we remember church recipe books compiled by the ladies of the congregation. We’re here for food that’s burnt and fruit that’s bruised. Food that’s stinking and oozing and un-photogenic.

Risk the (delicious) recipe for bad breath, followed by a dessert that will eliminate the stench. Give chance to a modern take on tripe, or relish fermented tomato. We’ve got reviews of food packaging by a graphic designer, and a 3D-printed solution to food waste. We share personal essays on coveted left over umngqusho, a teenage eating disorder and sitting in the smoking section. On the way we make a quick stop at an all-you-can-eat buffet in the USA.

Tuck in, unashamedly.

Centerline decoration
A Playlist To Cook To: Ugly
Left Over by Julie Nxadi
Julie Nxadi
Left Over
Ugly by Alix-Rose Cowie
Serving Suggestion
Eating in the smoking section Liam Kruger
Liam Kruger
Obviously I’m Not Saying You Should Start Smoking
An Orange A Day by Lyle Lackay
Lyle Lackay
An Orange A Day
Michael Tymbios
On The Shelf
Recipe for Bad Breath
Jessica Spiro
A Recipe For Bad Breath
Amber Rose Cowie
Tuna Mousse
Tasmin Lutge face smoothies
Tasmin Lutge
Edible Face Masks
Studio H
Salad 2.0
Ulusu Tripe
Khanyisile Mhlana
Misunderstood: A Recipe for Tripe
Garnishes by Sylvia McKeown
Sylvia McKeown
Lest We Forget The Garnish
Recipe books by Rosa Lyster
Rosa Lyster
Mayonnaise To Taste
Fireball Jawbreaker via Commic Candy
Pravasan Pillay
On Fireball Jawbreakers
Burnt Toast for Chips magazine
When It’s Black, It’s Ready!
Cherry Pie by Ambre Nicholson
Ambre Nicolson
In Search Of Cherry Pie
Zayaan Khan
Fermented Tomato Relish
Matthew Freemantle
Ugly But Delicious