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Issue #6: Matriarchy

In 19th century Georgia, Princess Barbare Jorjadze was a feminist writer who among her manifestos calling out the sexist status quo also wrote a cookbook which became a staple among the housewives of the country. In 21st century Johannesburg, Blanche Tona supports her family and continues her Cameroonian food traditions through her restaurant La Camerounaise in Yeoville.

For our 6th issue we’re going to the source of all: Mother. Matriarch. Aunty, Ouma, Gogo, Portugese Mother-in-Law. In this issue we’re reminded of the hell there is to pay for picking out of the cooking pot and flashback to being told to eat our (now-cold) veggies. We hear about growing up with two moms in a big Catholic kitchen, and with a Xhosa father who stepped up to raise and feed the children so his wife could take on the world.

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