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A Self-Love Spell by the Bulgar Witchez

In an emergency on an airplane they always instruct you to put the oxygen mask on yourself before helping others. This 3-course meal is like that, but for your heart. Give yourself some self-love; you deserve it. You can practise this spell by yourself or with friends, whatever you feel you need. Set aside a special time to practise it, turn off your cell phone and play some music (we like female empowerment songs).

First, you will need a palate cleanser. We chose lemons, honey, chilies, cherries and rosewater to create an icy drink to help you clear your mind.

We chose lemons as the base for this drink as it has associations with clarity, rejuvenation and love. Hot tip for thrift shoppers: If you soak lemon peels in water you can get rid of negative energy for objects received second hand by washing the items in this magic mixture.

We all have hurt feelings from past relationships gone sour. This drink will help reset your feelings about love by cleansing your palate and your emotional hang ups and set you in the mood for falling in love again, how exciting!

Drink Bulgar Witchez
Mains by the Bulgar Witchez


For the second course, prepare some root vegetables as part of a grounding spell. Roast potatoes, sweet potatoes, beetroot, garlic and carrots are the stars of this dish. Add some greens, radishes and fresh carrots to bring freshness to your salad, and pops of colour.

This dish will help to ground you and help you to understand the more practical side of what you are looking for in love. Write down a list of your expectations and desires for your future romance. Think about how you would like the relationship to feel and how this could enrich your life.  While you eat the meal, think about these things, or share them with the group.


The last course is jelly!

Jelly on a plate, jelly on a plate, wibble wobble, wibble wobble, jelly on a plate.

These wise words sum up the way we feel about approaching love. You have to be ready for a lot of wobbles and just like jelly, keep yourself light and playful throughout it all. It will be sweet, but it will constantly change and shift form and if you try to hold onto it too tight, it will squeeze through your fingers. Which is the best way to eat jelly BTW.

You may be thinking ‘I may have just had the best meal of my life, but now I have all of these dishes to wash! What a nuisance!’. Guess what, just like cleaning up, relationships take a lot of work, which is very, very necessary. Take this time to contemplate all of the revelations you’ve had while consuming your magic meal. Your kitchen will be spotless in no time, and your food will have started digesting all of your good intentions.


The Bulgar Witchez

The Bulgar Witchez Jelly

Keren Setton and Sitaara Stodel started Bulgar Witchez as they wanted a platform to address themes related to self-love, sisterhood, sharing knowledge and playfulness.

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